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Recent incidents and growing pandemic concerns such as Coronavirus (COVID-19) have raised awareness of the acute problem of treating and dealing with mass emergency situations. One particular issue of great concern is the lack of an adequate way to deal with large groups of people requiring ventilation quickly and effectively.

Biphasic Cuirass Ventilation (BCV) is a real answer to this problem. BCV provides an efficient and effective method of non-invasive external ventilation and is a real alternative to traditional forms of ventilation. Biphasic Cuirass Ventilation does not require skilled medical professionals, and almost anyone can apply BCV to a patient with minimal training.

With BCV:
– Complete and effective ventilation without intubation.
– No need for skilled medical staff.
– Simplicity of use even when cumbersome protective gear is worn.
– Portable – from the field to the medical centre with no need for additional equipment.
– Controls of both phases of the respiratory cycle, inspiration and expiration.
– Cardiopulmonary Support in a truly natural way.

In a recent report, the Center for Health Security at Johns Hopkins estimated the United States of America has a total of 160,000 ventilators available for patient. This leaves more than 99% of the United States population without any available form of ventilation in the event of a pandemic outbreak, such as coronavirus. Current ventilator capacity and usage in the United States is about 75% to 95% utilized with existing cases (COPD, elderly, accident victims, trauma, post surgical, cardiac, etc).

A study run by the federal government in 2005 estimated that if the United States of America were hit with a moderate pandemic like the influenza of 1957, the country would need more than 60,000 ventilators. If the United States were struck with a severe pandemic like the Spanish flu of 1918, it is estimated we would need more than 740,000 ventilators — many times more than are available.


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