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How ventilators work? Mechanical Ventilation Explained

What is mechanical ventilation and how mechanical ventilation works. Mechanical Ventilation is used to assist with a patient’s breathing. Ventilators are used to assist with breathing. Ventilators are used for patients with pneumonia, acute respiratory failure and other lung problems.

Along with how mechanical ventilators work the video also shows how the respiratory system works during breathing. Unfortunately there are also side effects coupled with mechanical ventilation such as Barotrauma and Volutrauma.

Mechanical ventilators come in different shapes and forms with the most common being mechanical ventilator machines and bag valve masks.

Mechanical ventilators are in high demand due to the current situation in the world and companies such as Tesla, Ford, General Electric Healthcare, Philips and various universities are researching and developing mechanical ventilators.

0:00 Introduction
0:24 How the respiratory system works
1:31 How mechanical ventilators work
3:04 Side effects of ventilators


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