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The objective of this video is to empower health care providers caring for patients on ventilators outside of an ICU to manage common scenarios when expert advice is not immediately available. Topics covered in this presentation include hypoxemia, respiratory acidosis, shock and management of a patient who is ready to be evaluated for a spontaneous breathing trial. When possible, the suggested management strategies should be implemented incrementally. Expert consultation from critical care medicine, pulmonary medicine and respiratory therapy should be obtained as deemed appropriate by the primary treating provider.

Daniel G. Fein, MD
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Division of Pulmonary Medicine
Montefiore Medical Center

Kyle Swartz, DO
Department of Medicine

The protocols and recommendations described in this video were created for internal Montefiore clinical purposes only and cannot be construed to serve as general recommendations or guidelines for anyone outside of Montefiore.
These treatment protocols are recommendations for caring for patients with COVID while Montefiore is operating under its Emergency Procedures for the declared state of emergency for the COVID pandemic.  Additionally, these protocols may change as more research data becomes available. Please frequently check for updates.
Clinicians should always rely on the specific patient’s medical condition for clinical decision-making, even if that requires a deviation from the protocol.


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